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Web Camera Update

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Last July my husband, father and I worked to get the poles installed for the insulated camera cases along with a cow proof solar panel tower!

I’m happy to report that solar panel fort is still holding up, but unfortunately busy schedules and another uncooperative winter/spring have me still patiently waiting for the install of the actual cameras. It’s hard being a thousand miles away from the work where I have little to no control over what happens when, but my father is taking fantastic care of it in my absence and gives me monthly guesstimates on when he thinks the cameras will be installed. Of course the weather always throws in a curve ball and I’m relying on the kindness of an extremely busy neighbor who has knowledge of wireless technology which I know nothing about! I have hope that soon the cameras will be dusted off, installed, and will go live. Until then please feel free to browse through the remainder of the site and check back for updates.

Camera case for the back of the house.

Camera case and back of solar panel for front of house.