oh. Snap!


transmission tower folded in half! image source www.bismarcktribune.com

On good friday another winter storm rolled through North Dakota. This time it was south central ND, about 100 miles west of my project. It was heavy wet snow, and it took down nearly 8,000 power poles and power lines, including some transition towers as you can see in these images.

My house would have snapped in two for sure! I’d at least like to have it up one winter with the live web cameras up and running before mother nature makes her mark…….(knock on wood).


more folded transmission towers. Image source www.minotdailynews.com

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  1. jane doe says:

    Gonna do something about this no comments business.

    Gorgeous towers Paula. They looks anthropomorphized. I would think it was an art project if you hadn’t allowed the explanation.

    Can’t wait to see the web cam. I love that this project will live a sort of birth, life and perhaps death. Can’t wait to see the weathered life part if anything interesting happens. It has that same melancholy feeling for me as the project “Lighting Field” by De Maria …

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